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Currently accepting new Washington State individual adult clients for in-person and telehealth psychotherapy. Currently accepting Idaho State adult clients via telehealth.

Hello and welcome!

Thank you for choosing me to walk with you on your healing journey. I join with you where you are in your quest for wholeness and insight. If just starting, in the middle, or are at the end of your journey, I am honored to share life with you.


As a healer, therapist, and consultant, I use a holistic approach to treatment. In therapy, I address the spiritual, soul, and physical needs to help you live peacefully in your own skin and in the relationships you have. I’ll help you to see, consider, recognize, and gain insight into the cognitive (thought) and behavioral (action) issues that impact your life. I will help you to learn how to process time and live in time as unresolved issues in the past can adversely affect the present and cloud the future. I am passionate about mental health and helping you overcome challenges and gain courage.

Lets walk together…

Areas of specialized treatment include:

Abuse, trauma, and neglect: including emotional, physical, sexual, and spiritual

Chronic pain, chronic illness, complex medical challenges, and disabilities

Death and dying, end of life, and unfinished business issues

Dream interpretation, guided imagery, and visualization

Existential crises: finding meaning and purpose, developing a healthy worldview

Fear, dread, and torment

Grief, loss, sadness, and regret

Guilt, shame, and condemnation

Inner healing: mending the fragmented and shattered soul

Interpersonal communication and interpersonal relationships

Professional consulting other professionals

Self-development and identity work: discovering and developing your true self

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