Services and Rates

I am an Out Of Network clinician. I do not accept private and State insurances.

I accept cash, check, money order, and cashiers check.

I use Venmo for debit cards and credit cards.

This fee is collected at the time of service.

I believe that people should be able to receive the care they want and what works for them without an insurance company micromanaging and imposing their ideals and constraints as to what therapy should entail. Insurance companies often dictate what types and techniques of therapy will be covered. Insurance companies often require a mental health diagnosis to be given to pay for treatment. Mental health diagnoses may prohibit a person from rights and the person may be stigmatized by having a mental health diagnosis. People may have to pay higher premiums on insurance policies if given a mental health diagnosis. I hold that personal concerns do not need to be attached to a person’s medical chart that may or may not follow them throughout their lifetime. Medical charts are often connected from facility to facility and I honor my client’s privacy.

Initial Intake Individual 75 minutes: $100

Initial Intake Marriage 90 minutes: $150

Individual Session 55 minute counseling hour: $80

Individual Session 25 minute counseling hour: $40

Marriage Counseling 75 minute counseling hour: $100

Individual Clinical Supervision hour 55 minutes: $60

Group Clinical Supervision (2 people) 55 minutes: $40

Professional Consultation 50 minutes: $50

I charge a fee of $2 per minute for between session telephone calls lasting 10 minutes or longer. This includes collaboration and consultation with other providers.

If you are unable to pay the full amount of the sessions, a sliding fee scale may be discussed.

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I offer a free 20-minute initial phone consultation prior to engaging in treatment. You will have the opportunity to share your story and what kinds of problems you are experiencing. You will be able to share what you are looking for in a therapist and what kind of outcomes in treatment you would like to see. During this phone call, I will have the opportunity to listen to your story and determine if I have the education, training, and experience to address your problems and deliver professional, ethical, and effective treatment. If we decide to move forward together we will schedule an in-person appointment for the Intake. If not, I will direct you to other providers who may be able to offer you their services.

I do not complete Disability/SSI/SSDI forms.

I do not provide court-ordered treatment.

I do not complete Emotional Support Animal letters.

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